Nov 07

i dreamed of you

In my dream you were mine 
And when I woke up 
I could still feel the lingering touch of your hands on my waist 
And smell your coconut shampoo

Today I didn’t wake up with grogginess
I woke up with longing
I was filled with it 

Longing for who I had lost
But had never had in the first place

Greedily I want to go back
Into that world of you and warmth
When I closed my eyes I only saw darkness 
Where I wished your face was

I didn’t know I wanted you 
Until I tasted your cherry lips 
And felt your strong arms 
Against me

Now I am in a world where you aren’t mine
And never will be 

That longing stays with me
And I go to sleep 
Waiting until 
I can be yours again 

I’m stuck in a world of dreams
While I wait for you to pull me out