Nov 07

Infinity bridge

I walked to the bridge today.
It smelled like licorice and fall Vermont air.
It was windy and my hair fluttered in the wind.
My face was cold to the touch.

I stood up there so high in the air,
Watching the cars whoosh under me.
They looked small. 
I felt immense and exhilarated. 

But something was missing, 
More like I felt like I was missing someone. 
I thought of your dusky eyes
And wondered if you’d like it here.

Here, where everything in my life
Felt small and insignificant, 
This place that was far from my home,
But felt so close to it. 

The orange woods next to the bridge 
Had become my place of solitude. 
I wanted to bring you with me
To the woods that had become my home. 

And to the bridge where infinity felt real, 
Our hair would be blowing in the wind,
Our noses pink from the cold, 
And we would be happy because we were together. 

You’d like this place, I think. 
And maybe when you are mine
I can bring you here
And we can feel infinite together.