Nov 11

A Chance at Love

Once there was a little sparrow. Her name was Jade. She was all alone in the world, just one little bird lasting out through the years. Perhaps she could've had a special person. But she didn't want just any person. Her deepest desire... she wanted to settle in with another woman sparrow, or even just any bird. But no one understood her. And so she lost all hope, going about her days by finding food and shelter, but never being truly happy.

But one day, and who knows how, maybe it was fate, or chance, or something else, Jade was looking for her breakfast. It had grown cold, and the ground was hard, frozen from the frost that morning. Jade was not having any luck finding food.

Eventually, she decided to just stop, as she was not gaining anything by pecking the hard ground. So she looked up, preparing to take off... and saw the most beautiful bird she had ever seen. Not a sparrow, mind you, but a female Cedar Waxwing. She was breathtaking in her beauty, and Jade couldn't take her eyes off her. She was a sleek, tawny brown-red-orange color that Jade couldn't quite place, with stormy blue-gray wings, and a black mask around her eyes. Her eyes seemed to glimmer with a playfulness, but now they were glinting with annoyance, and that's when Jade noticed the crowd of male Cedar Waxwings crowded around her, trying to win her over.

And then she turned her head to Jade, and met her longing eyes, and it seemed that something sparked between them. Jade quickly looked away, not daring to hope that someone as majestic and beautiful as her could ever fall for someone like herself, and started to fly away, when she heard someone call, "Hey!"

She turned to see the Waxwing shoving her way out of the crowd of suitors, pushing them with her wings. "Wait!" she called.

Jade touched back down, and soon she and the Waxwing were standing face to face. "I'm Nutmeg," said the Waxwing. "I'm Jade," said Jade.

And they fluttered off through the trees, knowing that they had found the bird that they had been waiting for.                     

A true happier ever after.