Nov 15
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Our Grinch may steal snow this Christmas

Our Grinch may steal snow this coming December 25th.
He sat me down to vent about the world that's gone amiss.
Our Grinch has been so taxed by smoke that he, too, has turned gray.
His vibrant green and moistened fur has withered all away.
He's never been an angry man and nor was he so last night.
Quite frankly, I've never seen our Grinch looking as affright.
He spoke about our droughts out west,
how they had been a plea.
He spoke about the weeping ocean,
of children like Irene.
He wants this world to notice all the wake-up calls he brings.
He needs us to pay attention to how differently he sings.
Our Grinch had hope that we would see the damage we have caused,
but we have been too ignorant and looked beyond our flaws.
We've raced into a world that we are not prepared to manage.
Our Grinch becomes the one that has to carry all the damage.
He can no longer hold it back,
his heart has shrunk too much.
He might be stealing snow this Christmas,
but that is just a hunch.

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