Nov 21

My Magical Garden

The mockingbird’s songs fill the cool crisp air of spring with a melodic tune that seems to boost the speed of the parsnips growing. However, the potatoes and beans seem to be taking their time this year.

A white-tailed deer roams the grass towards nightfall, grazing without a care in the world.

I’m not surprised, in the magical land of Parquaner, it’s common for deer to walk through in the evening.
This beautiful, warm, sunny day leaves me hunching over, watering my blueberry bush.

The sun burns my skin and makes me thirst for lemonade so I stand up as an idea grabs hold.

Feeling quite fortunate that my lemons just became ready for harvesting, I grab some and make the tasty drink.

You know what they say…

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

When I take my evening walk, a dark figure flies through briefly, a bat, and I wave to it, not knowing why, listening to the beats of its wings as it soars away.
Squirrels scurry and jump through the looming maple trees, playing chase and hide-n-tree, as I pick up my pumpkins out of the soil and shake the dirt off of them.

I bring the best-shaped (in my opinion) pumpkin inside and start the carving process.

When I’m satisfied, I march outside, set the pumpkin down, and start harvesting the grapes and onions.

When I’m done, I go inside and slump down on my bed and fall asleep
The frosty air bites at me, slicing through my jacket with ease. I keep harvesting the kale and collards despite the cold, but when I’m done, I run back into my house, start a fire, and pour myself some hot cocoa to fight off the elements.

I watch the winter wonderland outside, while I listen to “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, and see a snow-white hare, hopping and nibbling on the spinach.

I consider shooing it away but decide to let it eat, so I go to bed and listen to “Silent Night”
About the Author: ccfitz