Nov 21

One Jump, One Swing, One Chance

One jump

One swing 

One chance 

The gym was always loud 

but in my head, no noise echoed for miles 

Its the feeling of knowing I have no feet on the ground 

Its the feeling of knowing I can be useful 

Its the feeling of anxiety that comes with that ball 

Not the bad kind

but a kind that makes you want to try 

Bent knees and sweaty uniforms 

that's how you know your trying 

For at the end of the day it's just bumping balls off your body 

To me, it's so much more

 Its a break from school 

It's a loving team

To me its the long bus rides 

with conversations that make no sense 

To me, it's the huddles 

with questions and laughs 

To me its the family 

we piece together with the strongest glass

To me, volleyball is so much more than 

One jump 

One swing

One chance

About the Author: Anna_banana