Nov 23

Perspective of a Fly

What I would give to be a fly. 
To humans the world is numb. 
To a fly, it is the most extraordinary thing. 
A fly does not know what the world is, 
it does not care. 
It can surreptitiously stop where ever it likes. 
For us, if we stop, 
we are eaten away
 into a place, I wish never to know. 
I already know each painting on the wall,
the ones that are crooked, 
 every piece of dust that climbs the trim. 
A fly has a new perspective, 
a new piece of the picture 
The buzz of a fly 
It might be annoying to some. 
To me, it is the most extravagant song.  
Landing on fragrant flowers. 
Impersonating the bees.
The little chill you get, 
as its wings flap by. 
Like a mini fan, 
that can leave you at any time.

About the Author: Anna_banana