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[Credit for all art in this feature: Tim Tadder,]
Tim Tadder is a Southern California-based, internationally acclaimed photographer known for his bold and experimental graphic images. Through his art, Tadder challenges assumptions and raises awareness about social justice, environmental degradation, and the state of the world.

"My absolute favorite contemporary photographer is Tim Tadder," says YWP photographer laurenm, who suggested featuring Tadder in our Great Artists series. "I love everything he does, but my favorite is his collection 'black is a color,' which features his experimental paint photography." (See below.)

Tadder, who was born in 1972, shifted his main focus from advertising to fine art photography in 2017. See Tadder's work at, where it is described this way: "Tim Tadder's art expresses the anxiety, uncertainty, and need for hope in an unprecedented period of world disruption. In the face of threats to our planet & our democracy, Tadder’s work juxtaposes comfort & consumption, foreboding & freedom, in order to make sense of the world as it is today."

- black is a color -
"When primary colors are mixed at equal parts, black is ultimately the precipitating color. During the process, an imperial display of tones appears in the swirling to mirror powerful structure & emotion from the subjects. At a crucial time for the nation to unite, I hope this collection encourages empathy, unity & a non-binary view of race. Black is a color challenges one to see past profiling & foresee the beauty that is capable of elevating the human experience. Black is a color demands that we look past skin tone, & into beautiful, infinitely complex humans."

- Nothing to See -
" 'Nothing to See' is a moment of resistance against a 'new normal' in which dishonesty functions as the currency of political success. Tadder’s prints reckon with viewers, asking whether they will see the policies & propaganda dividing us or choose to remain blind. With powerful imagery & striking utilization of color, these works compel viewers to break free from the ever-present narratives spun by politicians & media alike & take a moment to see, with fresh eyes, the nation as it is today."

Art Magazine interview:
Special thanks to laurenm for introducing YWP to this artist!

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