Nov 23
essay challenge: Boredom


    I am often bored. Coincidentally, boredom fueled me to get on the computer and look at this writing prompt. Apathy is hard to manage. However, I find after being lethargic for a short amount of time my mind begins to entertain me. I make up funny stories in my head and replay what I can remember from my favorite movie. Although my mind amusing me when I am bored is often entertaining, it can also have negative consequences. My thoughts travel to the ending of The Dead Poets Society during a math test or to young Brad Pitt during bio. Overtime I have usually had the same process of ruminating, though recently I find myself reaching for a phone. Now I realize ‘why repeat Titanic in my mind when I can watch it on netflix?’ However, I cannot reach for my phone during class, which has been particularly challenging for me. I am often bored at school. When I try to focus I cannot hear the teacher but only my inner monologue of ‘focus! I have to do homework later’ on repeat. This creates the problem of finally tuning in too late, not knowing what is going on and being humdrum again. Nevertheless I still think I have been more engaged recently than I have been in the past. I think the main culprit of my boredom is lack of engagement. Therefore, to cure my boredom I do something that is rapid and attention grabbing. I see how many pianos keys I can play in under a minute, use a rubix cube, and annoy my brother. Boredom fuels myself and others to actually do something.
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