Dec 01

The Dark

It's getting darker,
It's that time of the year again.

I love the dark,
the way its quiet, 
the way you can sink into it, 

I miss the light though, 
as in the kind of way you only miss something once it's already gone. 
I often miss the sunset because im inside. 
Sunsets are the transition from light to dark, 
from day to night, 
awake to asleep, 
or at least supposed to be asleep. 

My favorite kind of dark is the morning kind, 
when all the people that stay up late have finally gone to bed, 
and the early risers aren't all up yet. 
It is this time when I love darkness the most, 
this is when it is the most quiet. 

I love the dark because it limits my senses, 
making it easier to focus, 
on what's really right in front of me.