Dec 01

Parents Are Liars

Parents are liars 
under love 
and fear for their children 
they warp reality
twist fate for a time 
to quell the rage of six year old doubt 
and keep the bad things from reaching our eyes 
they bend the mesh of whats believable 
believing we will cease to cry 
They spew forth words that mean nothing 
until the worries have said goodbye 
they wrap us up in our gullible faith 
and then ask us why we have wings but can't fly 
because the bones you gave me were hollow 
built on lie after lie 
and then they ask
why did you belive me all this time? 

parents are liars 
for better or worse 
to keep our hearts stable 
Till we're off in the world 
and only in the midst of that newness 
do we realize the truths that then hurt 
like a red hot and peeling burn
blistering from ten years of false hope 
only then did we learn that love isn't the strongest thing in the world 
that people are cruel and take
until our love, a shiny glass window
will crack, fracture and break 

Parents are liars 
for our childhood's sake
they love us enough 
that they try to escape
The reality of impermanence 
while our innocence still lies at stake
not wanting to be the one to shake 
our boat.