Dec 02
fiction challenge: Fairytales

My fairy tail

The wedding bells ring insistently as tears roll down her rosy cheeks and ruin her mascara, making little puddles on the marble floor. 

“Come now, mummy will make it better…”But, instead of comforting her as Bella had hoped, The princess’s mother took a napkin and brushed away the dark splotches on her face and redid the makeup.

As Bella walks down the aisle, she puts on the mask of a proud and overjoyed girl that can’t wait to be married to a rich snob like Oliver.

He’s standing with the bishop, smiling smugly at her, then turns to face the crowd of young ladies swooning over the young prince in the pearl white tuxedo. He flashes them a winning smile to hear their gasps of excitement before turning his attention to Bella, now standing at the altar, feeling cold resignation and dread.

“We are gathered here today to witness the union between Bellatrix Statinlonger

And Oliver Tristeza.” Montones the bishop, clearly no happier to be there than Bella.

At the end of the ceremony, the previously swooning  young women are now wailing enough to fill an ocean or two.
After two weeks or so, Bellatrix Tristeza is so fed up with Oliver that she designs a scheme to get out of his castle and most importantly, his kingdom. After a few hours of preparation, she sneaks out onto the beautiful grounds without a hitch.

The guards on the grass are all business spine straight with alertness.

She creeps through their blind spot and is almost in the forest when a barking from woods startles her and she falls, sporting a stream of profanities which attracts the guards. The source of the barking appears as a huge German shepherd, who distracts the guards for Bella to retreat into the looming pines. The dog comes back in a few minutes, wagging her tail hopefully.

“Hello there, what’s your name?” Bella whispered, not completely expecting an answer.

“Ok then. How about Suki? Yeah, Suki!”

Suki wagged her tail with more enthusiasm and the name was decided.

“Ok Suki, let’s get out of here” and the 3 adventurers set off.

Oh did I mention that Suki had a toy, a little brown bear.

They traveled and foraged and hunted, careful to hide their trace.

Eventually, they found a little homey cottage and, making sure it wasn’t inhabited, settled down, just the three of them. They lived the rest of their lives there, and for all I know, they’re still there.
About the Author: ccfitz