Dec 14

Rabbit's Foot

Hemingway states: 
"In those days you did not really need anything, 
not even the rabbit's foot, 
but it was good to feel it in your pocket." 
Rabbit's foot, 
What makes something lucky? 
Is it the pen that I wrote this poem with? 
Is it the scrap paper I wrote it on?
Is it the pen sitting in my pocket after?
I wonder what this pen will write next, 
this rabbit's foot that I carry, 
not because I believe it has luck, 
but simply because it feels nice, 
sitting in my pocket, 
writing on paper, 
and tapping against my fingers. 
When this pen runs out, 
I will just have to find a new rabbit's foot, 
because luck is arbitrary, 
but a tool you can rely on is nice to have.