Jan 05
nonfiction challenge: Traveling

I'll be there in Switzerland, if only in my dreams

If I could travel anywhere, I’d travel to Switzerland, of course. First and foremost, I like public transportation. That’s why this isn’t a direct path. First I’d get my ticket for a one-way Amtrak Vermonter service down to New York Penn. I’d transfer to a first-class seat on the Acela (or, hopefully, the Avelia later this year) and take it through to Back Bay station in Boston, Massachusetts. I’d then ride the Red line to South Station, transfer to the Silver line, and get off at Logan International Airport.

 I’d then take a Swiss Airlines flight to Zurich. I found this medical drama from 2004 called “House M.D.” so I’d probably watch that. If I had a nickel for every time I found a mystery show with eight seasons from late 2004 about an eponymous, mentally-disabled (due to a tragic event), compulsive man with superhuman logic skills and a team of two men and one woman who each, at one point or another, give up on him and who will not stop at anything to solve their case, lost their wives, with Chi McBride as one of the “top-guys” by watching clips of it on YouTube, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s still weird that it happened twice — 
Umm… anyway…

    Now in Zurich, I’d take the train from the airport to Lucerne. I’d see all the mountains, taste all the food, and listen to the music. After a few days there I’d hop on a train to Chur. Chur has many things to do. I’d go to all the museums and Wasserspiele. I’d then take the Arosabahn to the Langwieser Viaduct and up to Arosa. At the station, there’s a gondola lift up to the Arosa Weisshorn. At the top, I’d enjoy the view and then go back to my hotel room.
Then I’d live there forever :)

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