Jan 09


I am guilty

The bars which restrain me
are but my own fault

I am guilty

The lifeless walls
frozen, unfeeling
yield no give as I fight to break free

My crimes:
To want,
the stars 
their sparkling light to be my guide
the black fog of their words 
which hide the galaxy from veiw 
to disapate 
To feel,
a fires feathery caress
the purity, the finality
without the burn
the branding of my mistake
To hear,
wispers of hope dancing on a breeze
ignoring the calls, the screams
of those who wish to drag me down 
To taste,
the freedom of the sky
the love as it encases my body
without falling,
the hard ground 
To see
directly into the eyes of the sun
without being blinded
To smell,
sweet victory
without the stench of envy, arrogance and spite 
turning heavenly perfume into sufficating oder

I want more...

The innocence of a baby 
but lacking naivety 
The wisdom of a dying man
yet filled with many years to come
The dreams of a school girl 
without the emotional blockade
The seemless fit into social groups
without the dependency on others

I have lost the trial
sentenced to prison
of my own mind.