Jan 13
poem challenge: Great Artists

More than pure happiness

Yells started to fade as the wind controlled the echoes bellowing through my ears
as the deer leaped and stumbled in front of my nose.
Reality died as the soft, oak-colored fur danced in front of my eyes,
its legs fighting the air as it sped past the path
where I stood, all alone. 
I was inches away from such a beautiful creature 
and so far from humanity,
and that is what made it so perfect. 
I felt an unknown feeling that sprinkled throughout my body, 
it was not euphoria
because it was more than pure happiness. 
I felt I could relax in the safe embrace of the woods;
let go of all my worries and give them to the world
to hold them safe until I was ready to face them. 
At that moment I felt fulfilled
as my eyes traced the way that the hoofs pranced,
creating a painting of dust swirling into a trail behind the last step, 
as it built a thin filter scraping the ground.
If I ever tried to paint the deer and the dust,
it would be a mix of yellow and pink 
because that is the only way I know to describe that moment; 
for poetry doesn't do it justice, 
a song seems too bland,
a sculpture won't bring me back to the moment, 
and standing in the same spot won't bring back the full feeling 
of the second that felt so slow.
No one would know the thoughts I felt at that moment 
because my mind drew a blank,  
for words cannot explain something that my eyes can't even begin to believe.  

About the Author: Anna_banana