Jan 18
poetry challenge: Rain or Snow


As the raindrops fall against my skin, my worries and troubles start to thin
I turn my face up to the sky and just smile and close my eyes
The cool summer rain brings thoughts of the past
Of hopping frogs and sparkling green grass

I look out my window and follow the raindrops with my eyes
This gray autumn rain is a gift from the skies
Tonight it shall sing me to sleep with its symphony of drops
And tomorrow the dew will fall from tree tops

Winter raindrops are a promise of tomorrow's ice
Often it snows but it rains once or twice
This chilly slushy day calls for a cup of warm tea
But this rains is still beautiful to me

Raindrops in the spring promise flowers by may
And the children can relish in the puddles and play 
A dewy morning tomorrow after a long wet night
This springtime rain makes everything just right

About the Author: Nya.Perry
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