Jan 18

Teenager: A Writing and Visual Art Contest

TEENAGER: A Writing and Visual Art Contest
Who are you? What is your life like as a teenager in 2023?
Win cash prizes and get published!
Respond to the challenge, TEENAGER.  In words or images, explore, but don't feel limited by, questions such as:
  • Who are you at your core? How, when, or where do you most feel like your true self?
  • What most inspires you? Where do you find awe, joy, contentment, kindness, love?
  • What are the major influences in your life – people, places, ideas, creativity, the arts? How do they help to define who you are, what is important to you, and what you hope for in your life? 
  • What issues are teenagers facing that adults don’t understand?
NOTE TO VISUAL ARTISTS: Responses can be abstract, literal, symbolic, interpretive, realistic – whatever best conveys your message.
  • For young writers and artists from anywhere, ages 12-18, who have accounts with Young Writers Project. (Account sign-up is easy and free on youngwritersproject.org. Teachers may also sign up for accounts to submit work on behalf of students.)
  • GENRES: Writing Category: Poetry, prose, essay, commentary, songwriting; Visual Art Category: Photography, painting, sketching, sculpture, collage, digital art. (If your chosen genre or medium isn't listed here, that's OK, go ahead and submit it!)
  • ​Must be your own original work and not published elsewhere
  • You may make multiple submissions in both categories, but quality wins over quantity. Take the time to polish and craft your work.
  • PRIZES IN TWO CATEGORIES – Writing and Visual Art:
  • 1st place (GOLD) in each category: $150
    2nd place (SILVER) in each category: $100
    3rd place (BRONZE) in each category: $75 
  • PUBLICATION: All winning submissions and honorable mentions will be published in the April 2023 issue of YWP’s digital magazine, The Voice, and will be considered for our annual anthology.
  • DEADLINE: March 1, 2023
  • WHAT THE JUDGES ARE LOOKING FOR: Compelling, moving, descriptive, and original writing and visual art. 
  • HOW TO SUBMIT WORK: Click on the challenge, "Teenager;" click "Respond," and a new blog form will pop up. Fill in title, category, and post your submission. Remember to SAVE. For more information on how to submit work on YWP, go to How the YWP Site Works.
Questions? Contact Susan Reid, YWP Executive Director: [email protected] on the site, or by email: [email protected]

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