Jan 18
poetry challenge: Teenager

A list

If my body is 60% water, the other 40% is made out of / taylor swift lyrics / poems i will never finish / speeches i want to write / directions to my sister's college / people i wish i could forget / surgary sweet iced coffee / really nice things said about me by children / really terrible things said about me by my peers / outfit ideas / the color pink / conversations i've had / reeling in the years by steely dan / existential dread / worries about tomorrow / academic burnout / the need for validation / advice people think i need / advice i am ready to give / motherly love for my friends / forehead kisses / notes app drafts / things i want to tell them but will never leave my tongue / others' perceptions of me / my close friends' story posts / being scared for my sister / being hopeful for my friends / criminal minds season 3 episode 9 / regret for my words / words that could kill / being the little girl that teachers sat next to the problem boy / i can fix him / wondering if people have thought they could fix me / smoke screens / encouragement from adults that i don't need / things i do for my friends so they feel loved / worry and regret / apologies i won't ever say / apush quizlets / tears over things that i am afraid of / and probably, some atoms