Writing Challenges: Inspiration and ideas to spark your creativity every day

Who are you and what is your life like as a teenager in 2023? In words or images, explore, but don't feel limited by, questions such as:
  • Who are you at your core? How, when, or where do you most feel like your true self?
  • What most inspires you? Where do you find awe, joy, contentment, kindness, love?
  • What are the major influences in your life – people, places, ideas, creativity, the arts? How do they help to define who you are, what is important to you, and what you hope for in your life?
  • What issues are teenagers facing that adults don’t understand?
PRIZES AND PUBLICATION IN TWO CATEGORIES: Writing: Poetry, prose, essay, commentary, songwriting; Visual Art Category: Photography, painting, sketching, sculpture, collage, digital art. If your chosen genre or medium isn't listed here, that's OK, go ahead and submit it!
NOTE TO VISUAL ARTISTS: Responses can be abstract, literal, symbolic, interpretive, realistic – whatever best conveys your message.
DEADLINE: March 1, 2023
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