Jan 18
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I like to wonder, let my mind wander,
let my brain take me to places others can’t imagine.
My imagination, 
a place where anything is possible, especially the impossible. 
My imagination, 
where dreams become reality, and reality becomes dreams.
My imagination, 
when my dreams become reality,
those fish who were judged on their ability to climb a tree, 
who were told they couldn’t,
will climb the rainforest.
In my imagination,
the words “you can do it” and “I believe in you” 
will break down the walls of “no you can’t” and “you’re too dumb,”
opening up the world of capability. 
In my imagination, everyone will be seen as smart,
despite the label society has placed on them.
One day I hope that my imagination won’t be seen as a dream, a fictional place,
but instead as the Earth, the place we live
in peace and serenity
under kindness and equality.
A world where people can be people 
and those people can be happy.

[Poem by Chloe C., Thetford Academy]