Jan 19
fiction challenge: Rainbow
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   Rainbow, rainbows, rainbows. Aren't they amazing? SIKE! No rainbows are not. Have you ever heard the true story about rainbows? Well I’m sure you have heard one of the myths about it being a path from god, a reflection in the water, or maybe you heard the one about leprechauns, BUT I have the truth about rainbows and you NEED to hear it before it is too late. Rainbows are… DEAD UNICORNS WIGS! When a unicorn dies they lose their wig. Another unicorn will put a garland on it. It grows wings then it flies off into the wind thus creating a rainbow. You may not believe me but I saw it with my own two eyes. It was a sad day. The leprechauns are very obnoxious creatures; the poor unicorn never stood a chance. Then once the leprechauns did their job they tried to take its wig. Which by the way is how they make their gold. That is how the story of the leprechauns and gold at the end of the rainbow became a thing. Because that is where they set up their pop up factories so they can make the gold, obviously. That is the story of how rainbows exist.