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Weybridge Haiku Contest

Entries Sought from Vermonters for Fifth Annual Weybridge Haiku Contest 
Open Your Hearts and Imaginations

Weybridge, VT’s haiku contest, the fifth annual, prompts writers to open their hearts and imagination to the light and darkness, happiness and sadness, joy and wonder in our lives.
“Writers have a blank slate to consider questions big and small,” novelist Chris Bohjalian, a contest judge, commented. “Earthbound questions like what do squirrels know that we don’t and what’s the future of the maple tree. And more cosmic questions like Life is all about saying good-bye, about being reborn. When does the soul crave darkness, hanker for light.”
This year’s judges also include Narges Anzali, a YWP writer who is Weybridge’s youth poet laureate and a past youth winner.
Form: The poem should be in the haiku form—either the traditional form of three lines no more than seventeen syllables total (5-7-5) or a short three lines that captures the spirit of the haiku. There are no limits on the number of haikus a writer can submit.
Eligibility: All ages, open to all Vermont residents. There is a youth division, through high school, and an adult division. 
Deadline. Submit haikus to George Bellerose, contest administrator, by March 1: [email protected] 
Winners can choose from books by Weybridge’s co-poet laurates, Julia Alvarez, the founder of the contest, and novelist Jay Parini, as well from books by Chris Bohjalian. Each writer receives a Certificate of Participation and a playful Best of Honorific.
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