Jan 21
poem challenge: Teenager
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Why does society fear us?
What makes us a threat to you?
Most would say it's the color of our skin, 
Yet the skin of a black person would and could not, 
Jump out at you and attack you.
I promise. 

So why do we still fear black individuals?
We are not a threat. 
We are no different than you. 
Two simple humans playing the game of life. 
People say we are no different, 
But as soon as you'd see
A black person casually walking on the same sidewalk as you, 
Your mind flips in a million ways.

All of a sudden we are different. 
We become the threat.
So again what's the reason for fearing us?
If we are all the same, 
Why do you avoid walking past us, greeting us, 
simply acknowledging us kindly?
Why do we have to be your fear?
We are not your threat, and we never will be.
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