Jan 22
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You said you would give me
to see me smile,

And of all the things 
you could give,
you chose

I'm crazy for you,
tripping over my own words
as my heart twists itself
in knots, like a child
weaving a haphazard crown
of daisies, or
nets woven with bated breath
to catch those things that 
you feel you must catch—
the falling star that slips from the sky
too soon,
the edge of the sunrise
before the sun exposes, blinds you,
with her brilliance—
instead of for catching mere every-day desires.
You would think my knotted-net-heart
would be better at catching
all these

But alas, they flutter about,

I cannot hold onto my thoughts
They turn and tumble
and cascade
over each other, melting
into one, then separating back
into distinct strands, braiding themselves
over and under and over and under and over and over and over again
until I can no longer see their source, or their end; I might as well be Jack standing at the base
of the beanstalk, gazing up into the clouds.

You said you would give me
to see me smile,

So I must assume that
was too difficult a gift
to wrap.