Jan 23
poetry challenge: Teenager

à la Kurt Cobain

I wish i loved you in the 90's
we would've met running from the cops together
a punk nightclub behind us
smears of maroon and black lipstick on our collarbones
the neon green admittance stamp on the backs of our hands
fading away into nothingness-
the work of spilled beer and sweat-
maybe your lip split open in the chaos 
so when I would've kissed you the first time
it'd taste like blood and something indescribable;
a dream dropped form the top shelf
shattered into a million pieces on the hardwood floor
only broken things can fix broken things
so maybe that potential kiss would've solved the universe. 
if not the 90s, maybe the first decade of a new century
a teen's midsummer night's dream;
everyone moving
everyone screaming
the band onstage yelling something we can't hear
but we burst our lungs out anyways
you turn around, see me, and the rest would've been history
drinks after the show
a night at your place
stalking each other through the baby fragments of the internet
"accidentally" bumping into each other at a cafe 
but if you believe in the universe
is anything ever accidental if it was all meant to be?
instead of the 90s
instead of the 00s
we meet now.

why now
why this specific moment?
this isn't where we're meant to be
no, please, take me back
i want the overwhelming bass
the smell of cigarettes and alcohol
the rip of fishnets
the taste of blood; mine or theirs
the voice lost screaming at the cops
pull a Kurt Cobain and raise those middle fingers in the air;
i wish I loved you in the 90s
where everyone would've hated us
but all we ever needed
was to love each other