Jan 24

february twenty-second

the first time i laid eyes on you was the best day of my life.
we immediately clicked
"i love you."
i thought to myself.
i now understand that some things are not always meant to be,
but i thought we were. 
i thought we were forever. 
i wish we were forever.
when you left me, 
i didn't know how i could continue. 
i lay in my bed,
tears racing down my cheeks.
you were my best friend.
the one that i told everything to. 
we went on walks and cuddled close,
we had dinner at the same time every night,
and i loved you.
i loved you more than humanly possible.
we had each other for eight years.
i think of you every night, 
wondering where i went wrong.
wondering how i lost my best friend in an instant. 
my best friend who i cried with,
my best friend who i trusted with everything,
the best friend i loved. 
i wish you were still here with me,
but i know you're somewhere.
guiding me every step of the way, 
sending me in the right direction,
and loving me regardless.
February 22nd was the worst day of my life,
but you were the best thing that happened to me. 
to my best friend,
and my first dog.