Jan 24

Marie and Victoria

Marie and Victoria were, well, dead. They lived not on earth but in the ever expanding caverns of the underworld. Not the underworld some people think of, not filled with ghosts and monsters, no this place is more like an airport, minus the planes. A great big bunch of restless people desperately trying to get somewhere even though there was nowhere to go. Actually, they aren’t people though the used to be, now they are skeletons. Clattering sets of animated bones sent to the underworld for an eternity of hustling and bustling around, just waiting for something interesting to happen. Marie and Victoria however, were a special case. They loved being dead. They had a wonderful time together, gossiping and chattering to each other about the other skeletons.

 “I got here about one hundred years before Vickey and I simply don't know what I would have done without her. Without a friend this place is dreadfully dull.” Marie would often say, and Victoria would respond,

 “Oh marie I think I would have just about died here without you.”

 “But we’re already dead!” they would exclaim in unison, then crack up laughing, their jaw bones clattering away while the other skeletons stared blankly at them. 

One would think that life in the underworld would be uneventful and boring, but Marie and Victoria occupied their time by getting themselves in all sorts of trouble. They would poke fun at the gargoyles who guarded the entrance to the underworld, which always ended in the two of them getting yelled at, and dashing away. But their seemingly eternal fun was disrupted one day, because as they approached the entrance to the underworld, they saw that someone was coming in. 

“Oh my! How exciting!” Marie said. “I wonder who she is."

“Oh nobody special I’m sure.” replied Victoria “Just another face in the crowd. Let’s head back and have some tea and cake in that shop by the sparkly stalagmites.” Marie beamed at the suggestion 

“Oooh yes cake sounds wonderful! But why don't we invite her to come along?” Victoria was reluctant but eventually agreed to invite the new skeleton. They soon found out that her name was Ellie and they all went down to the small cave that was fashioned into a tea shop by a couple ambitious skeletons. Marie had a great time talking to Ellie but she noticed that Victoria was rather cold towards her. Victoria Kept shutting down Ellie and turning the conversation to Marie and Victoria’s mischievous escapades. When the day was over and Ellie decided to depart from the other two, looking slightly disgruntled. Marie finally confronted Victoria. “Why were you so rude to poor Ellie?” she asked. “That was so unlike you.” Victoria looked down in shame

 “Oh I don’t know I suppose I was just a bit worried that you would rather be her friend than mine. I’m sorry Marie.” Marie shook her head in disbelief and chuckled

“Vickey don’t be silly! I would never replace you! But Ellie seemed quite nice. I think you should give her a chance and I’m sure you two would hit it off.” Vitoria nodded and agreed that the three of them would meet up again the next day.

“But first” she said “Want to go bother the gargoyles?”

“Of course I do” Marie answered and the two of them strode of arm and arm chattering and laughing away.

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