Jan 24
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Why Spider-man is my favorite fictional character

I LOVE Spider-man. Ever since I was maybe 5, I have loved him. He was the coolest character ever and he is still the coolest character in my opinion. I’m just telling you this so you know why I’m writing this completely random topic. (Let alone again)
The biggest reason I love Spider-man is because of who he is. Let’s start with his backstory. There are different orders in which things happen, but here is what generally happens in his origin story. Peter Parker was an ordinary smart teenager, until he was bitten by a radioactive spider, and his uncle Ben dies. After he is bitten, he gains superpowers that make him have the ability to climb walls and stick to things, he then (usually) makes his own webs that shoot and stick, and becomes Spider-man. That is his basic story that everyone can agree happened. One-half of my favorite thing about Spider-man is the hero side of him. His willingness to do what is right is inspiring to all, and he does so even without the authority to do so. (as J. Jonah Jameson likes to point out)
 But the second-half of my favorite thing about Spider-man is his flawed side. Even though these two elements contradict each other, they are two sides of the same coin, and make Spider-man my favorite character, and here’s why. Spider-man is a hero, there’s no doubt about that, but being a hero alone cannot be the only reason for me to say he is my favorite character. But the flawed side of Spider-man is what really pushes him over all other characters. The biggest reason I love Spider-man is because he is not perfect. He is a kid who got superpowers. The Spider could have bitten anyone, and Peter just happened to be the one who got bitten. He makes mistakes, he loses fights, he gets bullied, and his uncle dies. It feels like he has no respite, and after all that, he still makes the choice to do the right thing even though it's certainly not easy. For lack of a better word, Spider-man is human. And that’s why Spider-man is my favorite character of all time.