Jan 24

Not A Fool.

You always wait until the moon disappears,
before looking up at the stars,
now seeing them for how beautiful they are. 
Without the moon, the sea knows how vain
you truly are, but you are merely a shadow forged from light.
A light, that is 'too bright,' for the sea.
On cloudy days, when the sea's waves crash agaisnt the shore
You can hear it's desponent song, and it's vexed tone.
"Why must it rain-
for you to see my pain?
Dear, I shine just as bright,
as the moon's soft light.
Why must it pour-
for you to end this silent war?
Dear, I am as strking
as the gentle moon.
So I will ask again;
Why must it rain-
for you to see my pain?" 
The sea is no fool, as you like to claim.
This is not a foolish game,
for you to win, leaving the sea in shame.