Jan 25
poem challenge: Sunshine

Shining Sun

The sun is an artist, who paints in light and heat,

 bringing color to the clouds and life to the earth

Its rays cut through the clouds and shine down onto the earth bringing life and warmth 

With each new day it paints in wonderful hues of orange and yellow 

and when the day is done it brings out its cotton candy pink and lavender

The sky is its home and the world is its canvas,

it seeps into leaves and calls up the clouds from the lakes and ponds

Who but the sun could perform miracle after miracle, giving life and joy to each place it touches

At night the sun sleeps and gives way to its fellow stars,

letting them shine and sparkle, watched over by the moon

This generous sun gives so much with little thanks

But still it shines on

About the Author: Nya.Perry
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