Jan 31
poetry challenge: Teenager

Maybe I'll Forget

When I was little i didn’t know a thing about what was happening
All I knew was what i was told, that I would grow older and it would all make sense
But I’m older now, and I’m still confused
They don’t want me to forgive they want me to forget
Forget all the lies and tears that I cried
And maybe I will forget.
But maybe not.

All the things I was told mean nothing to me now,
How could they? Only half of them were true
And they thought that it was fine, what do I know? I’m just a kid
But I grew up, and boy do I know now.
But they would have me forget it all, and maybe I will
But maybe not.

“But wait just wait, remember your toys?”
“Remember your smiles?”
“Remember your joy?”
Yes I recall but what does that mean? That I should put it all aside
Forget the rest and keep barbie in mind?
I suppose that would be kind so maybe
But maybe not.

You thought all would be well through my childhood days
That you could get away with it all
And I would just forget, but now I’m not sure
I’m getting sick of the false promises
Sick of the yelling
Sick of every little thing that isn’t fair about being a kid

But hey, maybe I’ll forget.

But maybe not.

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