Feb 04
poetry challenge: Teenager
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"Speak your Truth"

Right now, my Truth
is that I am alive. I am
Alive, and it hurts, and it’s beautiful,
and it’s a cage, and it is freedom.
My Truth is that I live in Love,
my Truth is that everyday is one soaring Flight,
my Truth is that all I have is this flowing Heart and an
anonymous, infinite, ocean of a Soul.

My Truth is that I am Human, that I open my hands
palm side up, to welcome my Friends.
My Truth is that this is all I can give:

My Truth is that     I am kind.     I am selfish.
My Truth is that     I am gentle.     I am hurt.
                 I am tired.
My Truth is that I am so full of life and wondrous energy that
I could spin with my arms stretched open under the stars 
and the wind and the
bright, bright sun for eternity.

My Truth is that I am true. I am no one thing, but I am true.
I’m a paradox, unending. I’m so full of pain that I only want to love.
I want to hug and kiss away any person’s wounds. 
I want to enrich the world with words.
I want to fill every heart with cherry blossom petals.
And I’m not sure what anything really means, but I want to give meaning
wherever it could go.
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