Feb 04

Living in the Moment

Sometimes I think
I'm just a speck
Amid our swirling galaxy.

Humans are destroying it all;
We'll kill the Earth
Wipe everything out
Which really isn't smart.

If I were to be logical,
I'd say that time doesn't wait. 

Human lives are limited:
However, planets' are not
And the Earth matters, as does time
So if you want to go extinct,
Then sure,
Go on ahead.

Destroy our world 
With pollution and hate
And see where that gets you.

If life were black and white
Then people would be divided into good and bad;
But it isn't that simple in reality.

Just think
If we could work together
Let war be a thing of the past.

Imagine everything we could achieve 
If we weren't always fighting.

I'm not asking that everyone be the same
Because then everything would be boring and pointless
But we could do so much together if we could stand together for once
Instead of tearing up our own planet.

Just think about it - 
Without Earth
Humans wouldn't exist.

And maybe
That's for the best
Because we're not getting anywhere
Right now.

Sometimes I listen
To the devil on my shoulder.

I get in fights 
I can't win
And end up curled up in bed
Wishing I did something else.

But spending life regretting our actions
And dwelling on the past 
Won't do anything.

You can think about the future
But don't live in it either
Stay in the moment and enjoy life
Before it's whisked away.

Don't waste your time hurting other people
Or our planet Earth
Because we keep each other in balace.

Not all of us are angels
It's better not to be
If you take all the easy ways out
You'll never learn or make mistakes.

Don't repress
Just do your best
And do what you feel is right
Life isn't always fair.

You'll be put with people you don't like,
Forced to work with people you don't understand.

You'll wish for other things you don't have
But that never helped anyone
Even if it feels important to you.

I'm not saying it's not important 
Just to be happy with what you have
Even when it's hard - 
And it will be.

You need to be your best self
Don't care what those people think.

Stand up to bullies
Protect yourself
And be you.

I know most people tell you this
They say it to me too
But I don't think they really get
What it's like
To not always be the angel
To not always be perfect
To make mistakes.

So keep in mind
That the people who are truly worth being around
Accept you for who you are
Care about you
Love you
And stick with you through hard times
And even fights.

Live in the moment;
Don't worry about what you did in the past
Or what you will do in the future.

Focus on right now.

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