Feb 09
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A glowing web of good deeds

Large gestures can be grand,
They can leave impressions,
Memories that won’t ever fade.
Small gestures, however,
They are what keep us going,
What get us through our days.
What keep smiles on our faces
Even when we’re stressed,
Sad, even angry.
The little, kind things 
That are brought upon us
Create an endless chain.
One small gesture can lead to another,
And soon it will have looped back.
They create constellations in a void,
Little glowing orbs
That connect,
Forming the most unexpected things,
Lighting up the darkness.
If you expand the light,
Training your eyes to focus solely on the glow,
The inky darkness will evaporate,
Slowly fizzling, slipping,
Disintegrating away,
Until the black is almost fully gone.
The threads of warmth
Connecting the little,
Glowing stars,
Are smiles, laughs,
Reactions to the orbs.
Orbs of little deeds,
That cause glowing threads
To connect one to another,
Creating a web
That keeps on building.
A web of optimism,
That will light up your minutes,
Hours, days,
If you let the glow consume you,
And continue to develop.