Feb 16
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That Feeling

You know that feeling?
The one that hits so suddenly and randomly,
The one that leaves you there
Not knowing what to do next?
The one that makes you hate yourself so much,
That makes you question everything you did, 
Where you want to scream bloody murder at the top of your lungs?

That once it’s there, it takes forever, and I mean FOREVER, to get out?
But once you feel it,
It never fully leaves.
It sits there at the back of your mind
Waiting for you to slip up
And that’s when it gets you,
Swallowing you whole, 
Making you want to cry and hide.
And every time you let it control your life even a little bit it gets stronger
and stronger
and stronger 
Until it overpowers your own voice.
So you need all of the strength you don’t even have to get rid of it.
Then, of course, you need to ask for help
But you can’t 
Because can’t do anything for yourself.
So please
Don’t let it control you too.
Save yourself before it’s too late.
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