Feb 21
poetry challenge: Sunrise
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beep beep beeping
waking me from my dreaming.

Five zombies bumbling
are what we are
sleep deprived words we are mumbling.

Out the door we stumble 
into a frost covered car
with the handles of the doors we fumble.

Up the rut covered road we travel
shivering and quiet
car tires spinning in the gravel.

Into the empty lot
abandoned, eerie
a trailhead sign starting to rot.

On with a click
a blinding light
to the mosquito on my leg I give a flick.

Stifling giggles we start the climb
suddenly spooked by the dark
deep puddles of mud cover my legs in grime

Closer and closer we get
ragged breaths scream in the silence
how fun this is I always forget.

The excitement outweighing
the burn
of legs fatiguing.

One more section is all that's left
up and over we run
pounding heart beating in my chest.

Breezy and crisp we’ve reached the top
out in the dark, silhouettes take shape
just like a painting in a shop.

Between blinks the sky begins it's shift
vibrant colors start to mix
together they are the greatest gift.

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