Feb 21
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Little Did I Know

I wish I could say
That I remembered the moment
My life changed forever
That when I walked through that door
And saw the faces
Of the people who I would spend days with
Whose shoulders I would quite literally cry on
Who would
At some points
Be the only people I could talk to
Outside of my family
That I knew
But I didn't

I have some memories 
Of course
It was only five years ago
I was ten
Almost eleven
I had some excitement
But it was normal
Trying something new excitement

The doors were glass
The town was White River Junction
The room was ordinary
But the people
They were not ordinary
I wish I could say I remembered
My first impressions of them
And Simon 
Not Erica
Not yet
She came after me

I think I liked Twyla
I thought she might be friend material
I remember being impressed with Alice
Because she could draw a tree
That actually looked like a tree
I remember thinking that Seamus was much younger than me
I don’t think that now
I remember that Simon
At that point
Was just Twyla's big brother
I thought he was ancient 
I’m sixteen now
He’s in college

The magic
Came slowly
Every day
As we rehearsed
I fell a bit more in love
The magic seeped into me
Just a bit more
By the performance 
It was there
I know it was 
‘Cause I cried
I thought I would never see them again
Little did I know
That’s not how revels works
Revelers always return

They weren't all in every show
Hazel had other hobbies
Alice was too talented
And was in too many other productions
Twyla didn't get in one time
Simon went to college
And then there was a pandemic
And there was no revels
But we survived
And Revels revived

Someday soon 
We’ll all leave
Simon already did
Erica will next
Than Hazel and I
Than Twyla and Seamus
But we’ll come back
Or at least
That’s what I choose to believe
Or what I hope
Revelers are forever
I hope