Feb 28

Paper Frogs


When feet fall soft but quick 

Does the hallway extend

And the hot breath of whoever’s behind me feel hotter 

Why do I stay pressed to the wall 

Like a stubborn gruby sticker 

You can’t peel me off.

I corner myself in my emotions 

And blame the outside world 

I flatten my feelings into a sheet of paper 

And fold them into paper frogs 

Scattered throughout these hallways 

Little bits of me to contemplate 

To dispose of with the rest of the rubbish

when you take it out 


I’m scared 

I’m scared of everything 

And the frogs unfold 

Crashing into me in a wave of colored paper squares 

Creased with memories of how I hated them 

But forgiving 

And fitting themselves back in-between my ribs 

And under the lump in my throat 

I will still be scared 

But I refuse to live under my own fear 

So I fold him up 

And keep him in my pocket.