Mar 01
poetry challenge: Teenager
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The snow crunches underneath my feet
I like walking across the ice
I hear the water run underneath
The ice cracks
I don’t run
I don’t escape
I stay
Theres something about the ice cracking
Something so satisfying
I don’t fall in
I continue to walk around
Wishing I could skate over the ice like some
Gliding across, not afraid to fall in
But I am not afraid
I know the water is shallow
So I walk towards the deep part
Taking risks
I don’t here it crack
Instead, I hear the voices of people laughing
Scrapes across the ice from skates
But its too late
I feel the door open up underneath me
I plunge into the frozen water
I can’t swim up
Noone comes after me
I see others fall in too
I am no longer alone
They struggle
But they don’t wait long
Untill someone comes in after them
Reaching a hand to them
So I wait
Thinking a hand wil reach to me too
And one does
So I take it
The hand pulls away
I hear evil laughter from above
I can barley make out their smiles
The smile of my killer
The one who let me die
And so I fall
Deeper and Deeper
And I freeze
Colder and Colder
And I gasp for air so hard
That my lungs fill
The water is salty
How am I not dead
The water is salty
Why did no one save me
The water is salty
Someone help please!
The water is salty
The water is salty 
The water is salty 
The water is tears
My tears
Her tears
People wait
People who fell 
And didn’t get saved
People like me
Whos lungs filled
Who froze
People like me
Who felt like they were drowning 
And I turn
And I swim down
I look at them
They are so far down
I can’t reach them
So I wait
I wait for a long time
But as I wait
I push others up
They reach the top and gasp for air
I fall deeper and deeper
And I reach where they wait for me
But theres ice there too

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