Mar 02

Does anyone think of me?

my voice is carried away by the breeze,
whispers of the friendship that never blossomed
of the love of the boy i can't have.
these words fall apart
sink under the ground
because nobody cares
nobody realizes
how much it still hurts.
my old friends are still here,
yet they're nowhere.
we've all learned the truth now,
we've grown,
but we can't talk to each other
because it feels like we're oceans apart.
there's a boy who gives me butterflies
but looks at me like i'm nobody,
he only has eyes for my best friend.
sometimes it feels like my soul is
from my body
and when i think i'm fine,
am i really? 
because inside,
i'm crumbling.
life is so easy for other people,
why isn't it for me?
the hard plastic shell encasing my body makes it hard to breathe.
i only ever have the right words to say when it's too late.
my friends seem to always have somewhere else to be.
sometimes my mind just goes blank,
and i wonder,
why even bother?
why say anything?
does anyone care?
does anyone think of me?