Mar 08

Key Change

Some things in the world
just click,
they just fit together
as one half of a pie
would with the other.
They get tossed
and turned
and thrown around the world,
until they find their place.
Sitting on my small,
dainty bed,
I listen to song after song,
piece after piece,
on my bottomless playlist,
and when I hear this one,
something about it turns a switch inside me.
Just when that perfect moment hits,
that flawless key change,
its tunes grow arms,
grow vines,
that break the brick wall of my skin
and reach, 
deep down into the maze of my chest,
searching for the lock
because that one key change
holds the key.
And when it finds it,
my heart explodes.
It erupts,
sending shockwaves of 
and power
and something so unbelievably real
throughout me,
throughout the air surrounding me.
How something so small 
in such a small space
could produce
I do not know. 
I stand up and dance,
waving my arms and legs
in any way they want to go.
My parents call from downstairs,
asking me what I could possibly be doing
at midnight 
in my tiny room
that could cause such a racket.
I am as curious as them.
And then I fall back onto my bed,
staring at the popcorn ceiling,
letting that key change
that changed everything
soak up every last bit of me.