Mar 09

In my dreams

In my dreams, I ran through sage fields
And swam through glassy seas
All in an effort to save you 
To lift you from your knees
I didn’t know I was being deceived. 
Before I got to you I was swept up
Into the cool summer breeze
I knew better
Then to save you even when you said please. 
In my dreams, my tears were purple and blue
I cried and 
You told me you could get lost in the hue.
But I knew better 
Than to ever believe you.
In my dreams, I flew through cherry blossom clouds 
And tasted honeyed lemon drops
While you chased after me in the flower crowds
You never gave up even when the trees whispered stop. 
In my dreams I smelled nature's sweet perfume 
And listened to the soft chorus of the grass
But when you were there it all turned to gloom
Your touch seemed last.
But even in my dreams I knew better 
Then to love you 
Even if 
I wanted to.