Mar 14
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Icy prison

It was a cold night, too cold. “Light a fire quick!” Jack screamed, “On it!” Angela called back, But after a couple of minutes, It seemed as if the fire Angela had lit in the living room was just making the cold feel worse. It was becoming unbearable, so Angela decided to do something, but what could she do? She felt about as hopeless as a stray cat stuck in icy winter. And then, it got even worse, the windows started to get covered by crystal blue ice, “Where did the ice come from” Angela muttered in disbelief. “How is this possible” Jack whimpers. The ice is so beautiful, so blue like a blue diamond or like a shiny blue quartz. Jack has had enough, his facial expression showing rage he breaks the lig of a chair and starts hitting the ice in a desperate attempt to free himself and his friend.
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