Mar 14
poetry challenge: Dictionary Poem
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The Moon Is Where I'll Stay

When I was small
I thought the moon followed me
I didn’t know how 
But somehow 
We were on the same team 
Forming a pact to work together 
Maybe she was my friend
Driving home on late nights
My head pressed against 
The cold glass of the car window 
In search of her 
My breath fogged up the view 

Perhaps we could visit her sometime 
Drive into the mountains 
Our car would have just enough traction 
To suddenly lift up and fly 
And sail amongst the stars 
Towards my new friend 
The Moon

She changes like me 
Sometimes she would be a crescent 
Calling it a “fingernail moon” 
And other times she would be big and round
But I was bound to the earth
Where I stay 

We made sense as friends 
My sunny disposition 
Hers more dark and mysterious
Opposites attract they say 
But we could be similar too 
Both night-owls 
Are you? 

I whisper to the moon
Sharing secrets 
Because that is what friends do 
You wish on stars 
I wish on the moon

The moon is quiet 
Unlike you 
You woosh and boom
Like a category 4 hurricane
But the moon is peaceful
And non-judgmental 

Nothing you could say 
Will change
My overall impression of her 
She will remain my sacred space 
The moon is my home 
It is where I belong
The moon is where
I’ll stay 

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- Henley Cook
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