Mar 22

In The Words of My Idols

To find
to find the exact words
to find the perfect words
to say less but to say more
was ideal with this project 
i dont relate to you
i dont relate to you,  no
'cause id never treat me this shitty
you made me hate this city
mother, should i run for president?
mother, should i trust the government?
im falling again
im falling again
im falling 
things i once enjoyed
jut keep me employed now
things im longing for
someday ill be bored of 
stop playing with me before i turn you to a song
stop playing with me before i turn you to a song
dont be that way
fall apart twice a day
i just wish you could feel what you say
let the skyfall
when it crumbles
we will stand tall
and face it all, at skyfall
everybody talks
everybody talks
just a heartbroke bitch 
high heels six inch 
in the back of the nightclub
sippin champagne
i wrote this song for you
look what i turned into
she looked dead into my eyes
and she saw nothing inside
i Might kill my ex
not the best idea
his new girlfriend's next
how'd i get here
sometimes i feel like everybody is a sexy baby
and im a monster on the hills
too big to hand out, slowly lurching towards your favorite city
pierced through the heart but never killed
from the razor to the rosary
we can lose ourselves
the time is gone
the song is over
thought I'd something more to say