Mar 27
fiction challenge: Waves
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     It was almost calming, lying in a little wooden boat floating in the middle of the ocean. The boat was only big enough for me to lie in, and the waves were little, gently pushing the boat forward. To where? I did not know.
    The sight of the ocean surrounded me on all sides; I couldn’t see even the slightest shape of land in the distance. The clear blue sky allowed warm sunlight to shine down on me, casting a warm glow on my surroundings. Perhaps it was the quiet and calming sloshing from the waves or the comforting silence, I felt as if I had no worries in this world. 
    A splash from my right had me up in an instant. My sudden movement made the boat rock, but not enough to make me fall into the water. My eyes carefully surveyed the blue-green water, attempting to catch whatever had made that noise.
    A smooth, gray fin came out of the water, only to go back down just as quickly. I watched intently as a tail came out too. I thought I was surrounded by sharks until the heads of several dolphins came out of the water.
    They came out to the surface of the water, and a spray of water came out on top. Then the group dived down just as gracefully again.
    I was mesmerized by the sight, enjoying the peaceful sensation it brought. The group of dolphins swam past my boat, and I could see their fluid movements under the clear water. When they jumped, it was as if they were dancing. Their movements were elegant and smooth. A happy squeal came from one of the dolphins as it poked its head out of the water.
    Their dance seemed to last forever, and at last, they swam toward the direction of the sunset. The soft orange glow from the setting sun reflected on their smooth gray bodies.
    I breathed in the salty sea air and woke up.

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