Mar 29
poetry challenge: Parents

Mother Dear

When I was born were both just kids, but you had two decades on me,

We were all the other had, but that’s how it’s meant to be,

Its just me and you and you and me, You were kind and I was carefree

Together on this journey that we trekked so happily.

You worked harder than you could bear and you did all of it for me,

You weren’t perfect sure but you did all you could,

You fought for me and supported me just as a mother should.

I know I’m frustrating and angry but you’ve stuck right by my side,

Through every fever, every fight and every tear that I’ve cried,

I know i’m not perfect either but when you need me I’ll be hear

And in the end It’ll still be me and you and you and me, I love you mother dear.
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