Mar 29


Spring is just another array of pain.
So don't tell me that
The flowers and birds and bees scatter any hope across the land.
Because the truth is,
Spring is just handcrafted from the same silky sorrow as before,
And they're only fooling you when they say that
It's a new beginning, laden with opportunity for good.
Deep down, every knows that
Spring is sprinkled with over-the-top optimism,
So why listen to those who proclaim that
Optimism leads to belief, which leads to some miracle of an action...
If you really think about it,
Blooming buds are really just that; their metaphorical magic is fake.
So silently sit with your own truth rather thn hearing them ramble of how
Spring is so much more than just another dreary season---it's when the world finally opens its hazy eyes and smiles.

Now read it upside down! Read the bottom line, then the second-to-bottom, and so on... NO REALLY PLEASE READ IT UPSIDE DOWN, THATS THE WHOLE POINT!!!!