Mar 01

Coming to YWP this summer!

We're excited to tell you about our latest project to make YWP even more welcoming to all young writers and artists! Our website – the heart of the YWP community – is being redesigned and updated with a new Drupal platform and improved accessibility. 

We also have a new logo featuring "the YWP Corvid" (the raven and crow family). It was designed by our web partners at Tamarack Media Cooperative to reflect YWP’s creativity and playfulness! 

YWP is committed to providing the most accessible website possible so that anyone who wants to join us will feel welcome and comfortable. We are working with Tamarack to rebuild our website so that it is barrier-free and compliant with WCAG – website content accessibility guidelines.

The Corvid is scheduled to land in July!

YWP COMMUNITY NOTE: All active accounts – including your current usernames and all your past posts of writing and art – will be transferred to the new site. We'll keep you posted! 
The old site will be preserved and archived. Any inactive users (two years or more) who want to retrieve content from the old site can email [email protected] and we'll be sure to help!

This project has been made possible through a digital capacity grant from Vermont Arts Council. Big thanks to Vermont Arts Council and Tamarack!

- Susan Reid, YWP Executive Director

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